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Thread: would this driver work?

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    Default would this driver work?

    just found this:

    would it be ok to run with a 1W 445nm?

    if not any other driver in here that would be ok?

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    It will work, but only ttl (on/off).
    And it is doubtful if you will reach 1A.
    Supply voltage is 5V, voltage of a 445 diode @ 1A is around 4,5 volt.
    That leaves 0,5 volts for the driver, which is probably too low.

    So you'll need a driver that has a supply voltage of at least 6 volts, capable of at least 1 Amp, at least 10kHz preferably analogue modulation.

    Why not use the die4drive or the flexmod ?
    Or do you insist on spending mga on a driver?

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