Hi all

I recently accquired a couple of high power HeNe lasers. These are both new 'old stock'.

I have no use for both of them (that would be greedy ), so i'm putting out feelers to see if anyone on here is interested in one of them before I put it up for general sale elsewhere.

It's a Coherent 31-2140-000 rated at 35mW. It was manufactured in May 2005 and is still in the original Coherent factory packing. It also includes the lab style power supply complete with safety switch. The laser appears to be putting out well over spec, my Lasercheck measures it at 37mW and my Andover holography meter measures it at 46mW when set to 633nm. Neither of the meters is guaranteed calibrated, but i'm guessing the Andover meter is probably more accurate that the lasercheck as the lasercheck only seems to measure accurately at 532nm .

I will also include a very heavy duty adjustable lab mount that is designed specifically for the laser. This allows it to be mounted directly (and easily) onto a breadboard or other table. It is then easily adjusted for beam accuracy, height etc.

I'm not entirely sure what to ask for the laser, but i've seen them fetch between $1200 and $1500, and this being a nice shiny new one I guess it ought to be worth somewhere around the upper mark. I guess i'd be happy with $1100 + shipping.

This is a perfect laser for holography

I can post some pic's video etc., if anyone is genuinely interested. Please PM me. One other thing... I would prefer this to be sold to someone in the UK, maybe even someone who could collect in person. I am prepared to send it to the USA, but i'm fed up of parcels being mishandled by various couriers, even when they are mega well packed. I usually ship by Fedex who I thought were o.k., but i've recently had a bad experience with them destroying a package so now I don't know who to use. Their insurance isn't worth the paper it's written on. So, if I do send abroad it is (sadly) entirely at the customers own risk. I'll do my bit and pack it well but once it leaves my premises I have no control over what happens.