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Thread: Looking for a good hazer..

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    Default Looking for a good hazer..

    Where can I find a good "True" hazer. Looking for a place to buy a MDG, or something similar. I want something good, thats not based off a fog machine, like the cheaper types. I have been looking at Jemm, and Martin, but these are all I can find at the moment, and I would like something more pro. Any ideas? Ebay has nothing at the moment.

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    Hate to burst bubbles, but IMHO MDG's Atmoshphere series is lower end
    than the martin Jem series ...

    Big oil based? For the money get a stratosphere...

    One caveat because I've noticed you always go in with different expectations.
    A hazer works completely different from fog machines and they're
    designed to be invisible... The stratosphere is as close as you'll get
    to rolling plumes

    The way you run a regular hazer is once you turn it on, it starts hazing
    immediately... And then you turn it off when you think there's enough haze.
    The rule of thumb is to start 15 minutes before you need it...

    The Haze goes up all by itself and sticks around for much longer so you
    don't need to generate the volume that you'd need from a fogger.
    In fact, proper haze is so fine, that'll it'll go through your air circulatory
    system (A/C, etc) and come right back out the vents as haze...

    Of course if you get one the nicer hazers then it'll pretty much explode haze
    all over the place. Prepare for sticker shock btw...

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