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Thread: Cheap deal for a Rigol scope

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    Default Cheap deal for a Rigol scope

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    Cheers Doc,
    It was $390 when I last had my eye on that one
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    Expect long delivery time from DX on this item. I had actually ordered one earlier this year, but they didn't manage to ship it within a month, so I canceled the order. I ended up getting a much better price on it though. Bought mine for 2180 RMB (about 320 USD) at Changxing market in Dalian and didn't have to pay any customs for it, so I saved 200 USD vs buying it from DX.

    Very happy with the scope too! Hacked it to 100 MHz. Rigol has disabled the hack in recent firmwares (mine was shipped with a version that didn't allow it), but it's still fairly simple to hack it. You just downgrade firmware to an earlier version.

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