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Thread: Soundcard DAC file conversion

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    Default Soundcard DAC file conversion

    Could someone explain or share there easiest procedure for converting 4 stereo Wav files (my rips are in this format as LC-ADAT (pango) works well with them) into one 8channel FLEC or WAV as needed to playback for use with a soundcard dac?

    I have a method I am using splitting to mono and then re combining using Magix Sequoia, but it is most likely over kill and am looking for a faster and easier way. I believe it was mentioned that Audacity could do this. Anyone care to share a quick tutorial?

    Also are there working Vista drivers yet for the usb SC-DAC that don;t have blanking issues?

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    The one I did, I used Sony Sound Forge. I was actually pretty simple to make a 8 channel flac from the wav files.

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