I'm looking to modify my apartment to make it laser friendly, for best effect / wow factor and show design etc.

i have a an open plan apartment that has a handy kitchen bench facing full glass windows 2m x 3.6m (Double sliding doors) the distance from bench to window is 7.6 meters, so when looking at the reflection, makes reflected laser look 15 m away.

I have fashioned easily mountable bracket for Disco balls and front surface mirrors mounts to aid in show design etc.

Can any one recommend specific product that i can coat or surface my windows with that will offer the best reflective result during the evening (typically when i am doing show design or entertaining etc )

I'm currently working with 500mw RGB but with the rest of the community will shortly have blue that is powerful enough to be potentially problematic.

so looking for material hat is not heat sensitive (with in reason).

Any advice or recommendation appreciated. Cost is important but not the main driving factor behind the decision of what is the best product to use