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Thread: My 1W 445 Module build using 4x Anamorphic prisms

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    Okay right now im doing the installation of everything and the 445nm is real "wide" now, as a dot. Its like 3x35mm or something on about one and a half meter. Is that because ive done something wrong with the prisms, or is it the lens(g-1) or...?
    Also its kinda bright in standby and turning the bias down wont resolve it.
    And finally its blinking sometimes in a steady way. like bleep....bleep....bleep...(about 3-7 times i didnt count) not with different seconds between the blips)
    I have a flexmod p3 as driver.
    Thats what i need resolved, hopefully you guys can help me

    Edit: just tried it on the galvos and seems there is no can i fix this?
    Edit2: maybe its the standby current thats making me think there's no blanking...i have the feeling its that.
    edit3: here's a video showing it:

    Edit: continuening my problems in the help forum, please reply there..
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