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Thread: lasershow variance - CDRH equivalent in your country?

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    Default lasershow variance - CDRH equivalent in your country?

    Hi Everyone

    As a combination travel bug / laserist, I am of course interested in the laser variance laws of countries other than the USA. I figured it might be nice to have a post with "how to get variance" or the maximum power you laser you can use in a show without getting variance / licenses. Links to any official sites are appreciated too-


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    Wouldn't mind just a discussion about it, or a faq that explains the process just for the USA. I think in europe the IEC has the lasershow standards, and they are less involved then the USA, in some place there is no such thing as a variance, but I think in thailand, although it cold be a different country in asia, have even stricker laws about lasers then the USA. They forbid public use/ownership of such a product.

    I'll try to dig up whatever I can, but I really could use help about it in the USA. I have a projector that had a variance, and I think I only have to do a show report, and a variance application for it. My other projector requires a Product report in addition to the other two, thats the trickest thing to understand, since some of it may not apply since I'm the only user, and I'm not renting it to other lasershow companies.

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