Hello guys

I have these nice dpss lasers for sale

Two American made, high quality green DPSS lasers.
These are really nice lasers, and the thing I like the most about them is that the pump diodes are replaceable, so unlike most Chinese lasers the diodes are not glued in place. They are based on a Vfold cavity design, so also very nice beam specs.
Each laser will include a very nice (and expensive) DSD-500 diode current controller:
These have been factory modded to 10khz. Modulation. They are also set up for current limit, interlock, and startup delay, making it very easy to integrate into a lightshow projector.
Also, each laser will include a Vicor flatpac power supply for the diode current, a Meanwell power supply for the cooling, an omron temp controller for base plate temp, and a wavelength electronics temp controller for the doubler temp. Each laser is fitted with cooling fins and fans.
The lasers are currently embedded in some projectors of mine they will be removed from these projectors and mounted on a sheet of aluminium prior to sale.
I will also include a set of optics to act as a telescope, to enable the buyer to adjust the beam width/divergence eg. to match a diode based red/blue setup.

Laser 1: putting out about 2.1W Price: 2000

Laser 2: putting out about 1.1W for this laser I will include a brand new replacement diode which should get it to perform possibly even better than laser1 Price: 1800

Buy them both together, and I will include a third laser (the one pictured) that has been damaged in shipping, but still contains a lot of good spare parts, one of them being an almost new diode.

Open to offers..

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(more pictures are on their way)