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    Does anyone know what happened to MaXyZ modules. i went to buy a module from them and i cant find them any more. They were the best around. any ifo would be appreciated

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    Very sad story...

    Chuck hit some personal problems and disappeared from the scene. Regrettably there were quite a few people who were caught up in the mess who lost considerable sums of money.

    It was a real shame, because as you so rightly state they were really good little units. I still have a pair in my projector and I also have a spare pair that have never really being run. Strangely enough I was playing with these yesterday with thoughts of them becoming part of a lumia projector, they're outputting 420mW combined. I guess it's a bit of a waste of those beam specs putting them in a lumia projector, but I don't really have any other use for them. May possibly consider selling if the price is right


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