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Thread: Scanner Setup Questions (NEWBIE HERE HELP ME OUT!)

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    Default Scanner Setup Questions (NEWBIE HERE HELP ME OUT!)

    ok so i have done a good bit of research and Ive got 100% answers to some questions but not to others. im planing on using a pair of Scanpro20s from lasershowparts. now i would like to be able to run these live as my friend and i are DJs (im supposed to be the lighting guy). so i would like to be able to run then live but also have sound activation or auto play so i dont have to sit there and constantly be changing the effects my self. so what i have looked at is Moncha Lite which seems to be what im looking for i think i read some where it has an auto mode on it as well. also i have looked at spaghetti with a bought DAC but it doesn't seem like you could run it live very easily. third option is to run it DMX. im not quite sure i understand how you run a laser scanner using DMX could any one explain this?
    (he is running DMX and has the kind of effects im looking for and freestyler is free =))

    Also one of the big effects that we want to do is a fanned out laser that goes up and down to the bass line. how could this be done? would moncha do it? spaghetti? DMX?

    so all in all im looking for lower end simple live laser scanner with some auto features. the fan effect. plan on using a green laser. eventually red and green.
    Ideas? thoughts? suggestions?

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    Moncha has an auto mode where it randomly switches between some patterns. It doesn't have the ability to monitor the audio and switch to the beat, though. It might have MIDI in but I am not sure.

    Spaghetti is for creating and playing back shows. It doesn't offer any capability for live control.

    If you want cheap sound activated control over your scanners, you can probably just use the DMX board that comes with them (or comes with cheap scanners like them). You will be able to choose patterns via a DMX console, do some rotating, sizing, etc. And, they usually have a microphone input to let them react to the music.

    I am not sure of the other options. I have used Moncha and Spaghetti so I know their capabilities well but I can't speak about other applications.

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