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Thread: Lexel88 W/ P.S.

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    Default Lexel88 W/ P.S.

    Could be selling/trading....

    I will have, pretty soon, a lexel88 with P.S.

    few things i wanna know:

    1) what is *approx* price to expect to sell for if tube is good, lasing at ~1W-2W (multi-line)

    2) what is approx price to sell (if anything) if tube needs a re-gas?

    3) If tube is not sellable (for whatever reason) what about p.s. by itself?

    I will have some pictures and more details in a week or 2. This is just a feeler and genral inquiry. I will be trying to get rid of this for a good friend of mine.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    P.S.- DJMATT: this could be a good one for you! lol. i dont think you have enough ion systems


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    Hmm... Might have to check this out
    You can never have enough!!!!!

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