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Thread: Quick Check

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    Default Quick Check

    I do not mean to offend anyone. But after seeing a poll that greatly disturbed me on another net venue, mostly filled by young people, I need to know something for inner peace about PL.

    I don't want to spark a debate on religion, I am just curious.

    I DO NOT want this to be a venue for slamming others faiths, debating religion, etc. I just wish to get a grip on the moral beliefs of those here.

    This is not the my religion or lack of, is right, your religion or lack of, is wrong thread.

    Quite honestly the comments on the other venue scare me very much, even with the lack of respect shown towards faiths of others and or the lack of. They scare me enough that I may not post there again.

    I am not asking you to profess your faith or the lack of, here, I just want to get a sense of level. In fact Professing the Lack of Faith. Or Faith, in such a tightly knit community, here, is a BAD THING, unless done individual to individual.

    And that should be Pastafarian with a A, not O., It is included for some comic relief.

    Moral compasses are highly subjective.

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    we are all stuff of the stars, pieces of the creation from the creator...religions are a man made tool that instill fear for control & power of hierarchy. IMHO

    (this statement comes from a third generation evolved roman catholic)
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    I believe my username says it all.

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    i believe their are aliens for sure, i don't think someone created us tho, and yes we are made all of supernovas star stuff, basic elements.

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    Blessed are the peace makers my friend...

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    I have faith in a higher power, but I do not believe in organized religion. In fact I believe that organized religion is one of the biggest threats to civilization that exists.

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    Default ^

    ^ agree with you

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    Default Me

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    Quote Originally Posted by jooopy View Post
    Agnostic Dyslexic Insomniac- I stay late at night wondering if there really is a Dog!
    Umm, joop... sorry to tell ya.....but my Karma just ran over your Dogma....

    (I know, I know...sorry, but SOMEbody had to post that-one....
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    I personally have a belief in a supreme being/supreme entity/higher force (call it what you will), but I dislike organised religion that has been manipulated by man for his own benefit. At the same time, although perhaps not believing myself, I can have respect for others beliefs, after all 'belief' is an individual thing. The problem starts when others try to convince you that 'their' belief is the 'only' true belief.

    Thus I am able to sit alongside any human being as long as religious discussion is not allowed. Same goes for politics, it is another divider of people and is best left out of conversation.

    Remove religion and politics from conversation and you can get along with virtually everyone. It's all a matter of respect for your fellow human beings.

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