maXYZmodules 170mW red module

Well, we've decided to go ahead and start making a few of the 170mw 658nm
modules ..altho they are more like 661nm.
They do shift up slightly as we pull more power out of that diode.

The prototype is doing very well... And behaving as it should
Going on two months and still going strong.

It will use the NEW Sony 250mw diode...
Altho this diode can produce more power than what we will be making them at..
We feel that running them at this power level (150 to 175mw)
will ensure long life...
((We are already using this diode in the 130mw and the 150mW modules)

They will also include TTL blanking and run from DC +9 to +12volts
and they have improved blanking...
NOW...all of our modules offered have over 30 Khz blanking capabilities.
(have been for several moths now).

I am still trying to find a good solution to the beam profile !!!
As these produce the same pattern as the previous diodes used.
And It doesnt seem to be caused by the lens or brass housing.
Must be that "NEW" optical waveguide they are using in the manufacturing.
The key to making them Higher- Powered. is a simple matter of making a pinhole filter spaced a few inches from the face of the module..
I personally use a vertical slit spaced just enough to pass the beam and cut
out the line one either great...

As of August we have been making sure that all modules are setup with
that beam Horizontal.

As usual we have been running them on ebay
they fetch just over 400.00USD

PL special is 375.00USD pm the_kcar or myself if you would like one or two

They can be ordered with opposite polarities for combining to get 300mW