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Thread: 100mW 635 nm Laser Modules

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    Default 100mW 635 nm Laser Modules

    Has anyone come across these guys? !00mW of 635 for $285 sounds rather good.

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    Yeah, they're quite legitimate in the sense that you give'm cash, they'll
    get you lasers. The guy is based out of Texas and is an importer of several
    chinese manufacturers. Some of his products aren't half bad.

    One word about that specific unit: "FLASHLIGHT"

    A significant caveat with high power 635s is that current tech uses really big
    bars (or even stacks) to generate the high power, so at that price level,
    considering the actual cost of lenses for tolerable fast axis collimation,
    the divergence on that particular unit would be very unhappy. There's some
    developments on the horizon to fix it using deep magic based nano-lenses,
    but none those are anywhere near economical yet.

    If you're not looking for beam quality and want a nice cheap bright laser,
    then I'd say go for it... but with the understanding that it's going to be a thick
    beam (which means it is less visible than say a thin 100mW 635nm beam)
    and that proper collimation over distance is going to be pretty hard or even

    Also for me, lack of a robust modulation mechanism is a big turnoff.
    The default unit has no modulation, but you can get a modulation power
    supply from him, but the actual system is a rather "ghetto" transistorized
    modulation without proper protections so caveat emptor.

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