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Thread: Laser marker componets

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    Cool Laser marker componets

    Attachment 19269Attachment 19268Attachment 19267Attachment 19266Attachment 19265 Have large and small heat sinks $10.00 EA +S&H
    Laser module I.R. $10.00 EA + S&H
    SPINNING mirror and motor $20.00 EA + S&H
    Componets came out of LASER MARKERS MECHINES used for marking parts made of plastic or metal, Laser out puts 900mw to 1w, nm? all in static bags for shipping.
    PM me for Q & A's BEAMANN (Emory) or E-mail

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    hi beamann

    could you please try to get some more information about those laser diode modules?

    it would be interesting to know the wavelength of those lasers, if they are 860nm or 808nm

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    Default I.R. LASER modules info?

    I am sorry to say that the I.R. modules are not mine, I found them at a electronic surplus & recycling store that I have shopped at for the last 20 years, so I figured I would list what the store has and at what price they sell it for, at no profit margin for me, I am not willing to dismantel a module just to find a part number off the LD to run it on the electro-optical data base to determin wavelengh of this componet That will cost me $10 to do so, much less the high risk of permenate damge to the diode it self (ESD).

    The infomation I do have is as follows:

    Pin connecter pins 1-7 to driver PCB/LD
    1) PO
    2) LD
    3) GROUND
    4) PD
    5) 5V
    6) Rv
    7) Vcc
    typ voltage is 2vdc-max v ?
    typ current .500ma- max I ?
    class IIIb 40 laser product.

    I belive that the MFG is NEXERGY P/N 497-0408373 0348, LD PCB #497-0408098 B.
    But that is off a paper tag on the pig tail and the other off the LD driver board, have not found any thing on the web to fit numbers. The LD PCB was Assembiled in the USA.
    APACHE RECLAMATION is the store , and they sell anything and everything you can think of but all at an AS IS price!
    I am willing to look and shop for anything my fellow members might whant at this store at no extra charge from me for any products bought thair, I will not be responcable for the stores products and their claims of said products.

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