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Thread: New projector build and 532nm DPSS upgrades

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    Post New projector build and 532nm DPSS upgrades


    Firstly I'd like to say thanks to everone for the amazing info on PL. I started getting bits together to build a projector 3 years ago but I had to shelve it due to lack of time. I'm less snowed under now, so dug out my laser stuff and spent the past couple of months designing the layout, buying missing parts and preparing the case. Pics below. Nothing is properly installed, just there to show the indicated layout. Just awaiting some mounts and I can start playing properly! I definitely wouldn't have got this far without lurking on PL for so long, but there are a few things I'm still unsure on. Any comments appreciated..

    I'm planning to use:

    2x el cheapo 100mw 532nm modules PBS combined. These are actually giving out 150mw and 200mw.
    2x 445nm, knife edged
    4x 660nm quad (LPC-815), knife edge and PBS combined, which I'd like to fully or partially replace with 500mw 638nm if possible.
    All powered by D4Ds, with mods for the 532 and 445. The 532nm TECs will be powered by the original PSUs
    FB3 and DT40 Pros, as personally tweaked by Bill Benner!!
    Sensible safety features, so all comments welcome.

    I know there will be way too much blue but I intend to balance things by upgrading the existing greens or replacing them with a single 1W unit.

    So, does anyone have experience of replacing C mounts with higher power versions? I have a broken (optics) 50mw 473nm, with a c mount that lases and gives way more power than my lasercheck can handle. I think it must be more powerful than what's in the 100mw heads as I understand 473s are really inneficient. If this is the correct, do you think it would be a useful upgrade for one of the greens?

    Also, a while back I purchased a 2000mw 808nm C-mount with fast Axis Lens because I knew even less than I do now and thought it might be a good upgrade for the 473. I have only just considered that the fast axis lens might make it unsuitable for a DPSS though. Can anyone confirm?

    My day job is R&D (electronics and software) so my general electronics is ok. I'm mainly concerned about optics e.g. aligning the new c mounts and potentially overdriving the crystals. Also whether any 808nm c mount will work.

    Final question please is - am I likely to have problems combining the two greens? I have read posts about polarity, and turning these modules will not be easy.. Is there usually only a problem when trying to combine two different types of module?

    Sorry for all the noob questions.. I have found answers to many other questions by trawling PL, just not those above.

    Many thanks in advance, Dan.

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    Hi Dan
    Welcome aboard PL, THE best place on the web for everything coherent
    Could you fill in your location , as depending on where you are, there may be members close to you who can offer first hand advice on any queries you have


    P.s, I like your shutter plate

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    Hi Dan.

    LOoks good mate, I really like these portable suit case type projector builds

    Are you in the UK?

    Can I interest you in the up and comming UKLEM on the 1-2-3rd of October?
    My Brain urt's!

    Continuously in Awe! of (H)Al, the Photonlexicon Font of Complete Knowledge - The (H)Al'PL Database of complete puss that no one needs to know or ever trusts as he ain't really got a Scooby doo about now't!

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    Thanks for the positive comments guys.

    UKLEM sounds great, but I'm not going to be able to make it this time around due to family commitments. Will there be a 9.5? And are any run in the south? If not then I would really like to make it next time , which would give me plenty of time to work on the wife re another non-family weekend away..

    I found a couple of other members in Devon, so I'll see if they live close by.

    Cheers, Dan.

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