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Thread: Thank You for Freedom Of Speech...

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    Default Thank You for Freedom Of Speech...

    In Cheers 'N' Jeers at CPF, a person is not allowed to post negative opinions or negative experiences with a given product - to which, I have to ask - what the F***??

    Check it out...CandlePowerForums > Buy/Sell/Trade > Cheers'N'Jeers

    Wicked Lasers - LASTS LESS THAN A YEAR
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    Total of four posts...the last two posts indicating that the topic is LOCKED DOWN.

    'Scuse...but that's yet another reason I rarely (if ever?) do posts there.

    I mean: yeah, I know, I don't post as much *here* as I should...


    If there's negative comments or opinions in regards to a given company, and yeah, even mine...if there were any comments, negative or positive, I'd want to read both, that is certain....

    I'd expect, in an open forum, with the title, "Cheers N Jeers", that if a jeer is what a given person wants to post, the given person should ought to post it, without politricks and rules and cluebats flying around...

    Furthermore: instead of allowing for the person to either reiterate or learn from his experience with a given situation or to even sychophantically apologize for his indiscretion in stating (believing in the "freedom of speech" credo) his opinion - he's booted for three days. For a single post.

    Sorry, kids -- but, again: that's f*cked!
    Okay, myshutupnow.
    Responses always welcome...whether intelligent replies or smart answers

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    I guess that admin got a free laser for locking that thread.

    And as you said, when having a company, you should listen to all remarks people make. Both good and bad. And then use the negative comments to improve your company

    Some people just dont get it

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    Some people are in need of a clue-by-four.

    (I did not say that!)
    Responses always welcome...whether intelligent replies or smart answers

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