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Thread: Test Results of maXYZmodules 150mW RED

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    Default Test Results of maXYZmodules 150mW RED

    Here are some test results from my friend kevin from "Junktronix "

    Who graciously tested of one of our modules for us...
    This is a typical 150 RED.. nothing special , just a pick out of the pile..

    Enjoy ...As we do...

    As quoted from Kevin below:

    Had some time to play in the lab today and here's what I found. The first 5 pictures are of my OSA:

    #1 - module running at 9V, after 20 minutes warmup. Lasercheck reads 141mW @ 661nm

    #2 - module running at about 6.2V, lasercheck reads 77mW @ 659nm (Diode running SINGLE MODE)

    #3 - module at 9V, cooled to 18C, lasercheck reads 143mW @ 660nm

    #4 - module at 9V, cooled to 14C, lasercheck reads 147mW @ 659nm

    #5 - 2mW hene for reference. Notice much narrower scan width (1nm across entire screen versus 10nm for diode data)

    The next 3 are from my beam profiler

    #1 - module running at 9V

    #2 - 3D view of above

    #3 - 2mW hene (I'm having problems setting the gain so this is not the best data, but shows that the beam is round and gaussian)

    My 30 second analysis: the diode is single mode when run near it's rated power, but becomes multimode when driven harder.

    A "BIG" Thank You to " Junktronix" The "Laser Diode King" ... much appreciated here..

    Marconi and The_kcar
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    Nice! Those are clean! I just got done moving... IM me some time!

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    I have a question...

    It looks like theese modules go towards orange (slightly) as you chill them. Do you know to what extent this is possible? I have heard that if you over-cool some diode lasers they will die - not from over-current but just because output goes up and photon density gets too high inside the diode. I have a big TEC that could get these modules very cold, but I don't want to risk killing yet another one.

    From what I understand, every 1 nm change towards orange should make the light appear about 10% brighter, so the payoff from going just a few nm would be pretty high.

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