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Thread: LaserWave Blue 200MW doing 223 MW - 700 FREE SHIPPING

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    Quote Originally Posted by flecom View Post
    so you got $220 for a 200mW 473? ouch dude...
    Dont tell me :O I need money ....

    Just have to think of it the other way, the laser will have a happy life with a new owner :-)
    And myself, well I have 4Watt of blue... so I`m happy with that

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    Quote Originally Posted by flecom View Post
    dude seriously, try google translate, I speak fluent Spanish and I cant for the life of my decrypt your messages lol|en|
    A bit more off thread, sorry!

    I think you underestimate just how little English he understands! It is amazing he manages to understand us, let alone try to converse. He doesn't want to break into an English forum speaking Spanish so he will just plug on as best he can. It's a pretty vertical learning curve, Lasers and English simultaneously from zilch! He knows where he wants to go and if that includes shimming up the north face of the Eiger en route then so be it. Admirable really! Despite being a little crazy (so he is in the right place here ! )

    Just imagine it's a microsoft opsys giving you cryptic messages about a non-functioning UART but in Spanglish. LOL


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