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Thread: Starting a new projector.

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    Default Starting a new projector.

    Ok, I am starting to gather parts for my first projector and am going to be asking some help from you guys. First I am going to list parts and pictures of what I have accumulated so far to build this. I know I'm going to need a lot more parts and a lot of advice on how to go about building this. So far, I have a enclosure for the whole sytem ], a 445nm laser in a z-bolt heat heat sink and one of these driving it . I know it is ttl an will want to upgrade to analogue but its all I could find when these diodes first came out. To power the blue and any other things other in the laser Im planing on using a computer power supply from radio shack. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

    Some other pieces that i have acquired are a 300mw laserwave green that I bought from a person on here in the buy/ sell section. Which I seemed to get a good deal from!

    For dichros, I have only have 2 mounts so far (I hope are usable ) that i bought off of ebay for like 25 bucks a piece. They are spectra physics 2 adjuster mounts with laser mirrors installed in them already. I have no clue if the mirrors are usable for anything that I am doing. So here comes the first question I have, What dicrhos should i get that will work with this 455blue 532green and unknown red. the peices of glass in them do not seem very large in them.

    Next question is can someone suggest a red of some type that I can get for the 300-400 dollar price range? I know I need a Lot more red but well 300-400 is all i can afford right now(not really but probably can). And that will probably be one of the last things to buy unless my job picks up (construction industries)

    Ok, For galvos I was just thinking of taking the ones I have out of my cheap rgy projctor now to just get this thing up a little faster than waiting to buy something better. And once I do it will probably be a higher scan rate chinese rate ones. Is there some type of board to use instead of the dmx board that i have them connectecd to at the moment or should i reuse that to? Not sure if it has a blue option on it. One more thing is do most of these galvo blocks have the same height because I would rather wait on getting better ones then changing things dramatically down the line to make something else work with what I have setup.

    One question on how do I get all the lasers to be at the same height. Do I have to buy metal shims and just try different combinations or somethings? Dont you want all your laster fimerly mounted on the base plate for heat and from them from flexing and stuff? Do I need to take exact measurements and get shims machined?

    Some other random questions as of now are about sound card dacs. I ordereded the sound sound card and it came (dealsxtreme or something ) but I tried ordering from an have not received any of the parts yet. Does anyone have experience from them? Not even sure if it charged my card or not. I rarely use google checkout. Is there another place to get a kit from thats about the same price?

    Ok last thing I can think of right now because it is getting late is can anyone recommended a site for all these small electrical connection plugs and stuff from because radio shack sucks and would rather not deal with there small selection and nosey employees

    I know there are a lot a grammar errors and crap. Please forgive me im a construction worker not a english major.
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