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Thread: 3D Laser photos or videos?

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    Default 3D Laser photos or videos?

    I am curious as to the general lack of laser shows captured in 3D. I think this could bring a whole new dimension to laser show footage.

    This simple optical system uses a single camera and looks pretty easy to build.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Interesting link.

    I would imagine lasers would look great in 3D if audience scanning was involoved as they reach out of the screen.

    However, I don't know how easy it is to get good result with home 3D. The gadget show said they were told it was impossible then went on to shoot some 3D successfully using 2 Canon EOS 550D's side by side.

    They raved about the quality, but I have to say that watching it through my 3D glasses, I found it very poor.

    The video is here on Youtube:

    You can select both HD formats and also from a huge list of 3D viewing options depending on what type of glasses you have. CLick where it says "3D" to pull up the list of options.

    Maybe this should be the next intro for the ILDA conference. Instead of lasers, a huge projection screen and a video of professionally recorded 3D including a 3D laser display.

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