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Thread: Laserman532's Knife Kit

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    Default Laserman532's Knife Kit

    Just a quick note on the kits sold here.

    I finally built mine up as a knife edge kit, I has stole parts for some other stuff previous. I used this to combine 2 red 660's that I then PBS with a 635.

    I was happily surprised at how easy this kit was to adjust and setup. I have a small space between beam halves, due to my mirror edge not being perfect (used my own not what shipped with it). But with the micro mounts it was a snap to walk the beams around just how you needed.

    A couple quick pictures, yes I know the wires are a mess, but have just added the CC board and my wires wouldn't reach after moving the red driver with the knife kit. Heck this is more my test board than anything. I am still waiting on a real case or i'll gut a laserworld and build it in there eventually.

    Also after adding more red I was able to increase the green and blue getting a pretty crisp blue/white at 1.2w (cam sees it heavy blue for some reason) big jump from the 800ish I had before.

    Thanks for the kit wish I had used it sooner
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    That is looking really nice. Thanks for sharing.

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