Hello people.

Just wanted to let you know im selling some graphic designs.

THis is my real job as some of you know, making website´s and graphic design for websites.
SO if anyone is interested in renewing there website, perhaps with a proper webshop or perhpas just want to clean up there design, dont hesitate to contact me.

All PL members will ofcourse get a nice disscount.

Price examples:

I can build you a fully working webshop with payment gateways to paypal or whatever mercher you prefer. THe webshop has a customer basket/wallet, you can have discounts for certain members, or make some products available to a different price at a different date etc etc. The options are limitless. All is ofcourse really easy to update without any knowledge in html or any other coding language, as it is done from the "Backoffice" (adminpages) that you as an admin have access to.
Price is very different depending on how big your site and what options you prefer but an small estimate is:
400-1300USD (normal fee: 800-2000)

Product/company Website:
An normal company website with information about your company and your products and perhaps some simple Google/paypal checkout links. The website is easy to maintain and update through the "Backoffice", so no skill in html or other coding language is needed, i make that for you.
Price here is also very different depending on how many products or how much info you want but an small estimate is:
250-1000USD (normal fee: 500-1800)

I just finished a major project for a german company so now i have some free time the following month, wich i could dedicate to this if anyone is interested.

I will ofcourse work close with you making a graphic design that fits your idea/style/product etc and when we both are happy i start building/coding the website and in about 1-2weeks you can start updating it really easy with the "Backoffice" system. Just as easy as you upload a picture or edit a post here in the forum you update the website.

Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you people and take care.
Let the light be with you.

here you can see some of my recent work or what i can offer you: http://www.rickardfourt.com/products/website-production