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Thread: Get your LivePro Training 'ere!!!!

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    Default Get your LivePro Training 'ere!!!!

    Hi all,

    Sorry to all the old hands that have seen this before, but as we have a lot of new members, I thought I would repost...

    Pangolin LivePro Self Paced training DVD's are available through me.

    This DVD Contains over 100 lessons showing you how to use all the functions of Live Pro. Each Lesson takes the form of a step by step animated demonstration in the actual software (See Screenshot), with examples that you can try out. Each example is shown in the LIve Pro Enhanced Reality Preview, so you can see what the laser will output.

    The training has its own menu system and runs in a web browser. You can do the whole thing end to end, or pick a section to remind yourself quickly how to perform a particular task.

    You can view a short demo here:

    There is a full content listing further down this post. This has been produced using a QM2000, but 95% of the content is exactly the same on the Flashback 3 hardware.

    Ok, Pricing..... This sells at 75 per copy plus shipping by Royal Mail to keep costs low, unless you ask for another method. The price I quote for shipping will be the price I am given, I will NOT stick profit on postage/packing costs.

    If you are interested, PM me to arrange payment which will be via PayPal.


    Full content listing and screenshots:

    Introduction & Navigation
    Navigating The Training Package
    Introduction To Live Pro

    Introduction To The Workspace
    A Tour Of The Workspace
    Using Common Functions
    The Cue Grid

    Introduction To The Cue Grid
    The Cue Grid
    Cue Previews
    Cue Elements
    Grid Views
    Populating Cues

    The Live control Tab
    Introduction To The Live Control Tab
    Live Control Tab Basics
    Cue recorder & Player
    Size Position & Rotation
    Scanrate, Brightness & Color
    Beam & TTL Chasers
    Favourite Snapshots
    Beat & Audio Modulation
    Channel Controls

    Speed Controls
    Introduction To Speed Controls
    Speed Faders
    Locking Faders
    Resetting Faders
    Beat settings

    Browser Mode
    Introduction To The File Browser
    Using Browser Mode

    The Cue Properties Tab
    Introduction To The Cue Properties Tab
    Accessing The Cue Properties Tab
    Renaming Cues
    Image Panel - Changing Image
    Image Panel - Track Assignment
    Image Panel - Projection Zones
    Image Panel - Scale & Position
    Image Panel - Transition
    Image Panel - Velocity
    Image Panel - Other
    Image Panel - Animation
    Image Panel - Masking
    Image Panel - Text
    Effects Panel
    Beams Panel
    Commands Panel
    Others Panel

    Toolbar Buttons
    Introduction To The Toolbar
    Toolbar Buttons

    Image Properties
    Introduction To Image Properties
    Image Properties

    Projection Zones
    Introduction To Projection Zones
    Getting Started With Projection Zones
    Scanner Settings
    Geometric Correction
    Preview Window Appearance
    Attenuation Maps
    Scanning Parameters

    Beams Settings
    Introduction To Beams Settings
    Creating Beams
    Creating chasers

    Creating Effects
    Introduction To Effects
    Creating A Simple Effect
    Creating A Compound Effect
    Effect Only Cues
    Other Effect Parameters
    Effect Preview Parameters

    Creating Key Effects
    Introduction To Key Effects
    A Tour Of The Key Effect Editor
    Creating A Simple Key Effect
    Creating A Complex Key Effect
    Tips And Tricks

    Creating Color Cycles
    Introduction To Color Cycles
    Solid Colors & RGB Oscillators
    Intra-Image Color cycles
    Intra-Image Gradient Cycles
    Entire-Image Color & Gradient Cycles
    Using Multiple Brushes
    Blanking Masks
    Overall Frequency
    Brightness Modulation
    Removing Images
    Channel Controls

    Putting It All Together
    Putting It All Together

    Creating Text
    Introduction To Text
    Live Text
    Key Words
    Animated Words
    Scrolling text
    Changing Text On The Fly

    Creating Abstracts
    Introduction To Abstraction
    A Tour Of The Abstract Generator
    Creating A Frame Based Abstract
    Creating A Clone Based Abstract
    Example Abstracts

    Joystick Settings
    Joystick Settings

    Main Configuration Settings
    Configuration Settings

    Creating Transitions
    Introduction To Transitions
    Creating A Transition

    Audio & Beats
    Introduction To Audio & Beats
    Beat Sources
    Timer Beats
    Winamp Plugin
    Live Beats
    Jump To Controls

    DMX Input Settings
    Introduction To DMX
    DMX Input Settings

    MIDI Settings
    Introduction To MIDI
    Benefits Of MIDI
    MIDI Devices
    MIDI To Sliders, Special Keys and Channels

    Introduction To Hotkeys
    Remapping Hotkeys

    Building A Multi-Laser Show
    Building A Multi-Laser Show

    Files & Directories

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    I can vouch for the quality of Mark's training DVD. It may initially seem expensive, however, when you consider the *huge* amount of information in there the price seems almost insignificant.

    It certainly shortcuts the learning curve for anyone trying to get to grips with the intricacies of LivePRO.


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