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    Default SELLING< 100% of PROCEEDS GO TO SPEC.

    One big a$$ strobe tube, new in box, and required Aerovox caps,

    100% of this goes to Spec, I'll pay shipping domestic US, overseas buyers pay actual shipping.

    The way this works is to post or PM me your bid, Highest bid over 75$ Gets it, deadline 7 days from today at midnight EST.
    Bidder need not be named.

    Perkin Elmer, aka EG&G FXQG-797-10

    .54" diameter, 10 inch arc length, 14" overall length, plus two Aerovox, 106 uF 1050V Low ESR Flash Caps.

    I'm on the road to a funeral, I cant post pics till Monday.

    One BIG strobe, so big it has 1" diameter cooling fins on the ends of the lamp.

    Again, 100% of this goes to help Spec who supplies us with PL.

    I have a few of these sets, This one is for Spec's benefit. Make yourself a "Blinder" effect, a pulsed dye laser, or Photoflash your whole back yard or building etc.

    At 45o volts, That is about 10 joules and the lamp is good to 650-700 volts.

    These are used in photocopiers, BIG photocopiers.

    Easy enough to do the charging right off the power line, if needed. ie Voltage doubler configurations or small common, cheap transformers. Very easy to trigger, I use a junkyard or lawn mower ignition coil.

    I'm unemployed right now, but this is my way of helping Spec aka Admin Aka the Janitor.

    Steve Roberts
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