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Thread: new released 5w 640nm lightning show laser

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    Quote Originally Posted by White-Light View Post
    No I'm just sitting on the fence and avoiding the quality argument.
    right, which is why I am saying, the only reason I have always bought Chinese is because its the cheapest.... if theres a cheaper alternative I will buy whatever is cheaper (within reason)

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    The problems arise from, quite simply- poor engineering, lazy assemblies (glue to hold essentail alignment optics) and alot of times, just plain and simple silly manufacturing processes.
    Marc, I completely agree with this.

    From experience, I've found that some of the corners cut are to 'spite the face' (so to speak). As someone who wants a cheap laser, but also one that has some longevity beyond the warranty period, certain things like having adjustable optics mounts that allow them to be sorted at some non-specific time in the future when they 'do' go out of alignment is something that would be worth the few extra $/ in the purchase price.

    I'd like to hope that the manufacturers learn something from both user feedback and that which they receive from the distributors/service aganets, because it does leave users feeling like they may be buying into a product that has a 1 year lifespan, and after that its difficult to do anything with it unless you pay for someone with the right skills to deal with it. Lets face it, a moderate power non-dpss laser isn't all that complex these days.

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