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Thread: Spec's at it again

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    Default Spec's at it again


    Remember the lasers Yadda loved so much in his review? I listed a couple of the new ones on ebay.

    Turns out people on ebay dont care want these things for "big dipper prices"


    In honor of being out $58 in *just* fleabay listing fees its time to offer PL prices.

    $600 each shipped in the continental US. $5-10 more for international.

    Hope this works. Also: I am responsive to trade offers

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    already caught you on aim, hopefully ill be gettin one in january if you still have them

    i have some very *scientific* reasearch to take care of :twisted:

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    Thought I'd add my 2 cents... Just FYI... Get one at *any* cost... it's that good.

    I've been hanging out over at Laserium and this laser is on par with some
    really crazy systems... I'm currently workign with a $50,000 2W RGB whitelight
    system and the beam quality I get out of Spec's is actually superior!

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    Hi Spec,
    I thought this was Robert's listing when I saw it on e bay but I did recognize the heatsink. The lasers are a good deal at $600...these guys should snap them up! Best regards.
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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    Heh, Thanks everyone, its nice to hear positive comments instead of the crap i was getting from most of the ebay users. (if you can even call them users as that at least requires an understanding of the host/parasite relationship)

    Seriosly though. They were asking some of the dumbest questions, questions about things I already stated in the listing... It was absolutely amazing. Ill spare you them as you will need to go out and get asprin to make the hemorrhaging in your head go away.

    142laser: I am Robert.

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    Update: $550 Shipped in the continental US. $525 if you find some way to pay that doesnt involve me eating merchant/paypal fees.

    I have 5 of these. I want them gone. I am also responsive to trades.

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    I'd grab these folks..

    This is seriously a damn good laser

    I love mine.. In fact , I have retired a few of the others I have around here.

    Altho , I do still have a maXYZ's green 35mW unit in my mini-show unit.
    But I will be using the one I got inside the med-show unit I am building.

    This unit has a very tight beam and spot... This is what you want and need
    If you have ever tried to mix the colors ., you WILL see why !!!
    Not only that., A tight beam is always brighter than a thick one.
    Also the smaller spot always clearer on graphics.
    "My signature has been taken, so Insert another here"
    *^_^* aka PhiloUHF

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    Hi Spec,

    Do you have any of those Lasers left? I think I might be able to scrape some fun tickets ($) together. Let me know. What kind stuff are you looking for in trade???

    themadscientist :twisted:

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    hey guy, shoot me an IM over aim or msn,

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