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Thread: LOC diode correction

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    Default LOC diode correction

    I'm sure this was discussed much before my arrival to PL; however I couldn't find it using the search function. I am wondering what options there are for beam correction for knife edging 4 660's together. It looked like Andy(?) recently pictured his using some dual lens deal, I don;t understand the whole telescope only type thing. If there is a simple explanation and a source of needed optics i'd love to hear about it.

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    the lens you use all depends on how you want the final outcome.

    if you just want a stand alone quad red then use lens27's and a cube to doa quad.

    if you want to combine the quad red with say a 640 red using a cube then you need to beam all polarized in one direction. so you can use telescopics of lens27's

    to be honest there are lots of options and lens it just depends on how you want to use the red
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