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    Default blue problem

    have an older blue 473, last time i used it it was fine, fired it up last night and was getting between 5mw and 15mw used to be 200+ seemed very unstable and tem all over the place...

    alignment, TEC or esd?.... been sitting on my workbench for about a month... dont mind pulling it apart to find the problem. dont have a scope.

    also have a similar problem with cheap 100mw green although this has been in a working projector....

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    Is the driver out putting proper current? place a DMM in line to one side of the leads from driver to diode and check the mili amp draw, then place two regular diodes ( to load) in series across the driver out put leads (disconected from module) and series in the DMM and check for current draw. compair DMM data to the diode data and driver data spec sheet.
    I have been having simular probs with my 650nm and found the diode to be bad, TEM all over the place and less than 3mw, was 200mw ESD protect your self and the diode module befor attempting.
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    Wrong move to mess with the pump diode just yet. 473 is not direct diode.

    Usually when a laser does not start after setting its corrosion or a bad lytic cap.

    First of all, check the fans, if any.

    Next up, what do you have controlling it? Is the slide switch if installed set to CW?

    Next up, a can of component cooler, chill the base of the laser head a bit and see if the power comes up. Dont get the component cooler on the optics, and keep the lid on the laser as the high speed gas flow creates static.

    Check for broken connections, malfunctioning switches and what are the LEDs doing?

    Since most lasers use labeled voltage regulators, are all the voltages there?

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