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Thread: Used Argon lasers

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    Default Used Argon lasers

    Hi All,
    Dick Anderson at Anderson Lasers in Ohio has several used Argon lasers in excellent condition with low hours including one doing 1/2 watt. He is always willing to take a reasonable offer too. He is also a good guy-no bull from him. If you want an air cooled argon take a look. Tell him Phil Bergeron sent you and he will give you a good deal...I hope!
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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    the link is your link doesnt work because of the "."

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    Stay away from the 2211-20 producing 10mW. That units damn near EOL.

    The other Cyonics 2211 488nM units are pretty nice and its a crying shame those have hard sealed optics.

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