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Thread: Casio XJ-A140 Projector on Sale $756.99

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    Default Casio XJ-A140 Projector on Sale $756.99

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    This is a great price. In fact, such a great price i saw it about 4 and a half weeks ago at the exact same price, from the exact same place with the exact same "in stock, ships in 1 business day" logo attached and.......4.5 weeks projector.

    save $90 and wait 4 thanks. I also heard of 2 other people buy them "cheaper" and get exactly that....the "cheaper" ones (A130) and/or dead diodes.

    ~$850 for the A140's seems to be the norm these days. (from reputable and honest places). Anything drastically less than that i would be VERY cautious of. The saying is true for a reason, "If its too good to be true, it usually is"


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