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Thread: AOMs + AOM drivers, IR laser diodes, 2 Crystalaser presumably SLM heads + drivers

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    Default AOMs + AOM drivers, IR laser diodes, 2 Crystalaser presumably SLM heads + drivers

    to make things simple, I need to gather some money to eat and pay the bills, as life has become harder and several financial issues have come synchronously

    so for sale:

    2 AA optics AOMs, one AA.MTS110/A3 VIS model and another without model number, which performs equally well with a green DPSS laser, each sold with his driver and cables (AA.MOD.110.C46.1/2K for the marked AOM, no ref for the unmarked one)

    1 Isomet AOM, model 1205C-2 ( with its driver ( designed for 440 to NIR modulation
    no cable for this one

    last time I checked they were fully working, the AA optics AOMs have only been opened for inspection and will either be cleaned or left with speckles of dirt at the decision of the buyer... I'll proceed some tests today so there is confirmation of their working order (note they could need tuning!)

    I'm asking 200/piece for the AA optics, and 150 for the Isomet


    all AOMs tested fully working

    had to fix a trimmer on one AA driver and fix power feed to the ISOMET driver, but they are working flawlessly with 445nm and 642nm


    Click image for larger version. 

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    now for the IR laser diodes

    they are CT-mount, purchased new in the box with no part name, they have a fiber FAC lens included but not yet glued

    they sit in a nice flat electrostatic free gelpack worth it alone if you have small parts to be stored safely

    presumed power is 1.6W, presumed wavelength was 808nm at the time of buying them but I sincerely doubt it as they don't even give any green when putting an hybrid pointer crystal in front of them, so they might be 860nm or 980nm

    they were initially purchased for replacement in some crystalaser units

    asking 25 per diode, 80 for the pack of 4


    one box opened for picture purpose, see the red circled FAC lens included


    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	irdiodepack.png 
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    now for the crystalaser units

    they are the 15-25mW green units crystalaser offers, diode lifetime unknown but still pretty stable and will happily run at their maximum if you tune them for that

    SLM operation at reduced power is possible, they allow very fine control of diode and KTP temperature, and they should ideally be tuned for that

    the lasers will come with no warranty about stable or SLM operation, but in complete working order

    you have to know these lasers have a pretty nice cavity design, and contain a pair of anamorphic prisms for pump beam correction (yes, a coating for 808nm will still be efficient for 635nm, at least more than nothing)

    lasers will be provided with their driver and a pinout for the modulation input which has to be shorted to enable emission

    I'm asking 250 per laser


    I'm in the process of testing everything right now and to take pictures, so please keep an eye here of you are interested, or feel free to contact me via a private message

    I'll also accept the best offer if I feel they are defendable
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    a small up for this sale, I'll put everything on ebay if there's no one interested here

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