Hi All,

I just picked up a Power Technology Inc 638nm 30mW Red Module
from ebay last week as something to compare with our reds.
Also, to peek inside...hehe.

It runs from 12volts and includes a built-in TEC and diode controller
and a Fan inside
It also has test points for measuring Diode Temperature, Diode current
and a power monitor,, Inside are 5 pots for setting the diode max current ,diode power, hi
and lo temperature settings and a Temperature set-point.
This Unit CANNOT be modulated..!!!

Initial setup was for 30mW at 20deg C to acheive 638nm

A nice RED - ORANGE beam was produced ..
After about 10mins. I decided to put a 150mW 658nm maXYZmodule
beside it... I was surprised. I expected them to be the same in brightness

That PTI module was doing well.. altho the lens could be
improved upon, Altho not evident in the pix , I saw a lot of ghosts and rings around the beam spot.

This is it compared to a maXYZmodule at 150mW

I know ,not a good pix but you get the point.

Spots , side by side PTI 32mW on left , maXYZmodule at 150mW on right

Beams, Side by side maXYZmodules on left

Spots , PTI at 32mW.. maXYZmodules reduced to 85mW.

Side by side beams..getting hard to tell the difference

Again , Side by Side ..different angle

These are untouched pix, so just laying it out as I see it..
But the camera can lie too.. (beams and spots look brighter than they appear).

The last view shows the thinner beam on the left,, (hard to tell as the PTI's beam was spread the most in the center).
Altho the same in apparent spot brightness shows a brighter beam...
The PTI did not have a thin beam like the maxyz and both modules were
set at the same focus on the wall... at 20ft away.

The spot beam also was not as small on the PTI.. As I had hoped it would be.

Also noted, Was that the PTI's beam had quit a divergence .
I would bet it is in need of a new lens..as the focal distance to the diode was rather large.

Ghosts and more ghosts.. must be a Halloween Laser!!!

Pix taken at 10 feet away

Still, I do like this unit.. ,. All-in-All a nice unit.
I think I'll toss it in my Holography collection.
What do you think?