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Thread: Patent right purchased for 473nM propogation

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    Default Patent right purchased for 473nM propogation

    Anyone see/ hear of CNI getting patent rights for sale of 473nm units into the States? It is scrolling on their website. Maybe this will open up the floodgates and lower prices. Sure would love a 250mw unit!!! I know they have an amount of IR to deal with but can be dealt with if the $r's are right. :idea:

    200mw of 473>
    100mW of 532> Cool White DPSS =
    450mW of 650>
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    that indeed would be cool! Cant wait to hear any prices

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    they have always had "patent rights" and technically you do also. Heres how it works:

    See what happened was that some lab(read univeristy) took all the ways they knew how to make blue lasers and patented the "process"

    By doing this anyone making blue lasers using those "patented" processes had to pay an outrageous patent fee per item constructed. In order to stay "legal" this is paid, period. To add insult to injury you(as manu) have to deal with the CDRH for certifications.

    CNI(and others) pay this fee every time a laser is sold in the US. and subseqently the already high prices are even higher. They also build in the patent fee for other countries even though its not a legal requirement. I imagine this was done to milk more money.

    Its a mess. The only "winner" is the lab who gets money regardless.

    On the upside patents eventually run out. Though that could easily be 50 years from now.

    So yea. Between the market demand and fees the prices are outrageous. Still: Im "working on it" like everything else. hopefully I should have some hot blues in soon.

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