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Thread: TTL but Analogue?

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    Lightbulb TTL but Analogue?

    Hi All, ANY MAMBA BLACK 1.96 users out there? I am confused to Analogue output, Let me explain, I own a good analogue projector and Mamba Black 1.96 not #2 with a Easylase controller but all can get out is 7 colors not Brown, or many other colors? I tried the shows included and only 7 colors out. Do I need more output hardware? Jmlaser says I can get Analogue out of this Easylase unit B-U-T no luck.
    HELP confused. Thanks John
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    are you *sure* your lasers are analog? what type of lasers are they? are they set to analog?

    and as far as the software, is there a setting in there anywhere to switch it between analog and ttl?

    Do you own an o-scope? if so, check the outputs of the controller for analog or pulsed outputs.

    im guessing the lasers arent analog or arent *set* to analog.


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    Default Analogue?

    Hi Again, This projector has the lab style lasers with the fans on them and not the TTlL style Chinese type. But Medialas said I should have a Hyperport? ?? Mamba does not have anything to turn on that I can see but I can fade lasers out on shows. Thanks John

    One other question. If I use the Flexmod 3's to drive the Lasers RGB would I have Analogue output? They will go analogue. Thanks
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