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Thread: Warm Up for DPSS

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    Default Warm Up for DPSS

    I had a quick question. I was playing with my projector for a few minutes and had it set to around 23% max output in the projector setup to test some graphics. I notice that it tends to flicker a lot when I set the live controls up 100% Brightness (of the 23% max output) and if I set it to like 50% Brightness (of the 23% max output) it doesn't flicker. Is there a reason behind this? I noticed that after it was lasing for a while longer that it got much better at the higher powers. So my question is..... Is there a warm up time for DPSS or is it that I was just at too low of an output power. If it helps figure out what's going on, it's a 1.25W LaserWave.

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    Some initial warm-up time is normal before the output power levels will "settle down".

    I always try to run everything at max power for several minutes before making palette adjustments or running shows for an audience...

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