Hello, peoples who want to build scanners, or just need analog drivers for whatever reason.

These are made very simple, however do miss some fail safe systems which would safe your diode if something goes horribly wrong, for foolproof system check out Benm designs on LPF.

Okay this is made with two TL082 operational amplifier, require +12V, -12V and GND rails.

Since there are two opamps per one IC package, I felt wrong wasting one so I made 4 channel analog driver board, the 4th one is names "Misc" and can be used for whatever.

Others are named Red, green and blue.

The input of the each, to get needed outout, should be determined by test load and with max.wav, according to sense resistors . Calibration is done via correction amplifier board [obviously I made it specifically to work with my correction amp board].

You can instantly see how there is place for critical error here, if for whatever reason you should get 12V rail or something to the input, driver will provide a lot of current to laser diode and it'll most likely fry it.

Tranzistors used here are ones I have a lot of, however it can be redone if anybody wants TO220 case NPN transistors in no time, just let me know if you need it.

All resistors except sense resistors are SMD, and all wire pads are SMD. Only holes are for 4 transistors and 4 Sense resistors .

Tranistors are placed so that you can easily mount heatsink on them if needed, they are very near the edge and their metal backs face outwards.

So, enough talk, pictures time:

My board came out a little uhh, you know, shitty:

But, little Lötlack and solder work:

This spray flux is epic. Makes soldering a walk in the park.

I happened to snap a screen shot of schematic at one point also :

You can download schematic and board designs in ZIP file down there, also PDF included if you want to print it out right away.

If any modifications are required to make it work with components you currently have, just let me know and I'll rework it for you, same goes for amplifier board few threads down.

So I hope it helps somebody willing to do stuff on his/her own.