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    I just got done mounting the blue and aligning everything, which is nice. Now I'm ready to get this monster off my table and in a case for portability.

    I know the pc case thing is kinda old and I don't see too many people doing it now but I was looking at this...

    It's 19.7" x 19.1" x 7.0" which works for me because I have a 16" x 16" x 3/8" aluminum base plate and I built a little shelf for my power supplies so it's kinda tall at 5".

    There doesn't seem to be many purpose built/designed cases out there but if someone has a better idea, I'd love to hear it. The pc case route may not look professional but it does have some advantages and I'm really just a hobbyist so I don't know if that really matters.

    Again, if anyone has any other options, I'm all ears/eyes.

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    Hi Howie,

    Maybe the cases Edison sales are something for you ?
    I got 4 and am just building number 2 and 3 now (for my greens).
    After that i will build RGB no. 2.

    Maybe he has some for sale ?
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    I would take your base plate in to a machine shop have them mill the corners so that some angle would fit flush on corners. Have them cut you 4 pieces of angle aluminum the same lenght.

    Then just drill the angle, tap the plate 3/8 is pretty easy to still tap in theside and then sheet it. You can mount plate in the center and then do an over under. optical on one side, PS's and drivers on the other.

    I'll post a picture later on.
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