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Thread: High Speed Analog Modulation of Green Lasers

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    Default High Speed Analog Modulation of Green Lasers

    Contrary to the geneal belief, DPSS green lasers are susceptible to high speed analog modulation. There is a diagram for the electronics and a picture of an image projected by Kuntman's scanner below.

    For some pictures and more info:

    Kuntman's Color Projector/ TV:
    YouTube - Laser TV - Projector (no-MEMS, no AOM)

    3D Visual Effect by Kuntman's Scanner:
    YouTube - 3D Visual Effect (Kuntman's Scanner, Laser Projector/TV)

    YouTube - homemade laser projector tv (no-MEMS, no-AOM)

    YouTube - laser tv (without MEMS)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails green lasers.JPG  

    Laser Drive.JPG  


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