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Thread: Would like more spaghetti shows or is it possible to convert

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    Default Would like more spaghetti shows or is it possible to convert

    Hello group,

    i apreciate the shows put on the ftp server in the spaghetti section and like to ask for more . I just started to put some shows together and found that it is a lot of work to make something out of it.
    If we all share our efforts we can learn from each other and get suprised with new material.

    So i would like to ask for all of you working with spaghetti, please share your shows.

    It is really apreciated.

    Now for my question, is it possible to convert shows from different lasershow software packages to spaghetti? So I can also view the other shows on the ftp site?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Many laser show applications will let you export shows to ILDA files. If you can do that then making a Spaghetti will take you only a few minutes. If you have the patience, you can also create Spaghetti shows based on shows from other applications as long as you have the base ILDA files and duplicate the effects in Spaghetti. I did that based on a couple of WhiteG's shows that he posted (with his permission).

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