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Thread: laser wont blank

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    Cool laser wont blank

    hi im somewhat new and ive built a projector with red and green so far and they blank and color and all.the red turns on and off from power from the sound card(easy setup) its 20 mw red laser. and the green laser has his own power supply(red and black wires) and two wires from sound dac channel that make it blank when the dcvolts is under 1.0vdc. it is a 30mw green laser. now the blue laser is a four wire setup with red and black being power and the other two wires are for signal. i dont understand ttl and this laser says its analoug too but i see no way of getting it to turn off and blank with the plus and minus 1 volt from my sound card dac. any ideas or can anyone help me with what i aint got understood yet?

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    Can you adjust your DAC to go from 0 to 5 Volts just positive?

    I hope this help.

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