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Thread: Signal problem.

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    Default Signal problem.

    Hi people.

    I hope someone could help me out here. I have a Microamp and have are running them with a homebuilt DAC. The problem I'm having is that one of the galvos gets an interference that makes it constantly move to three positions. If I draw a strait line on the X-axis with the interference on the Y-axis I get three lines. Not at the same time but after each other at different height. Iíve found no errors in the signal with my scope. And it's always on the same amp even if I change X and Y signals or galvo.

    If I touch the wires I get some interference from me but if I unplug the signal totally from the amps I get a perfect point with no movement.
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    Have you tried tuning the microamp? It sounds to me like you created or
    have an RC circuit on that amp, most likely due to grounding...

    Can you show me a pic of your setup? Doesn't have to be high-res.

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    When i first set up my cambridge galvos here i used 3 foot runs of speaker wire.

    try this. seperate the feedback and drive leads as much as you can.

    if you have to cross them try to do so at only 90 degree angles so there isnt much of a chance for the signals to couple electromagnetically.

    It was weird, I thought the galvos were busted for a while then i realized when i put my hand around the drive leads it would minimize cross talk. Thats when i learned about having <1 foot ribbon cable runs and heavily shielded wires.

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