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Thread: The server played Russian Roulette ?

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    Default The server played Russian Roulette ?

    I am trying to upload some cool pics.... however while i was opening a new album in Gallery i got this message:


    Server played Russian roulette with a rocket launcher.

    I will pretend this is your fault.

    dispatch.fcgi == Culprit.

    When i stopped laughing i tried to figure out what i did wrong... anyone have any suggestions ?

    When uploading each picture separate i was able to upload just one.
    With the second picture i got:

    Input file 2.JPG was not uploaded. Error 7

    Probably since the limit is 50MB, and i already tried uploading pictures in the other module.
    Will delete those and try again, i really want to make a Gallery gallery, since i like how it works (normally).
    I didn't fail !
    I just found out 10,000 ways that didn't work.

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    I get that message every once in a while, at total random occasions.
    Nothing to worry about, server hickup ...

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