Hi, i got a present, the LCD board for the Phenix Technology pt-itrust controller.
It has 2 connectors, one for the data and one for the power but i am unclear about the power cable, normally these are straight forward and you connect pin 1 from one side to pin 1 on the other side and so on.

Looking at the board i see a difference in naming convention and am unsure how to proceed.

pt-itrust LCD board
pen 1 +15V pen 1 A+
pen 2 gnd pen 2 B-
pen 3 -15V pen 3 0V

so connecting one on one does not seem like a good idea but on the other hand it uses the same cabling and it states in the manual to get the power from one of the drivers board and these are labeled the same as the pt-itrust.

Anyone using this combination?
More info can be found here:

PT-Itrust controller:

manual download http://www.phenixtechnology.com/en/down.asp

for the LCD control
http://www.spacelas.com/html_product...isplay-44.html panel