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    Anyone have any relative experiance with this fiber? With the larger NA acceptance angles it would seem less critical as to the cone of acceptance than quartz or glass fibers. The "normal" true glass fiber does not work well below 740nm anyway.The plastic on the other hand seems to be more user friendly. Say near 5mrads acceptance angle...with a final coupling lens of near 4.5mm FL should work as a input coupler. I know the bulk of mass produced PMMA POF is centered at near 650nm showing the lowest peak of Db losses. Is there any more tables or graphs based upon personal testing available? I know it degrades the fiber's transmittive properties rapidly at sub 400nm regions. The primary goal is experimentation at 628nm up to 671nm at this point. I have couplers and decouplers on hand and the light sources. Just wanted to know if anyone has some more info regarding using non-gradient indexed fiber for this purpose. Transmission distance will be less than 300cm. Attenuation losses will be minimal at this length.....<4db/meter. Pat B. any comments here before I get restarted? Steve?
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