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    Default Lasorb Test

    Is there any way to test a Lasorb and see if it is good?

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    Yes: 300 Evil's Test (Link to Thread)

    300's Video:

    Bill's Video:

    I love them, I would recommend getting one attached to a Laserbug!

    Support your local Janitor- not solicited .

    Laser (the acronym derived from Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation) is a spectacular manifestation of this process. It is a source which emits a kind of light of unrivaled purity and intensity not found in any of the previously known sources of radiation. - Lasers & Non-Linear Optics, B.B. Laud.

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    Take the most expensive laserdiode you got
    Attach lasorb
    Attach driver
    Run diode on full power
    Take a High Voltage gun and point at diode contacts.
    If the diode goes pop after first zap of high voltage then the lasorb is broken.
    If the diode stays on, lasorb is correct ;-)

    Sorry, couldn't resist

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    Maybe Francesco can help you or knows how to measure it, maybe you can measure resistance, or something else).
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    Default Question

    Great demo of how good they work but still wondering how I would test one to make sure the device itself is good?? Any way to do that? I think I may have damaged one with heat but wondering if I can check it?


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    You can't really test a lasorb by dmm or your average scope.
    You would be able to determine if extreme brief high voltage discharges are adequately absorbed. I can't think of a cheap and dirty household test to stimulate this.

    To be REALLY sure you would need testing equipment that would exceed the cost of a replacement of the lasorb by far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wondertwnz View Post
    Is there any way to test a Lasorb and see if it is good?

    This would be highly experimental, ie you decide you have a 20$ diode you no longer like, a driver you do not need, and a LasorB to test.

    Uses a piezo ignitor from a grill. Charges a "Human Body Model" discharge circuit. Do not omit the strobe tubes, or any other parts, and build it in a tight metal box.

    Very experimental. I know for a fact that most 1" strobe tubes from a disposable camera will clip the pulse at 1.2 Kv +/- 200 volts per tube in the string. I got paid once to find out.

    If you do not have the clippers and limiters, a piezo grill sparker will probably blow a Lasorb and any thing else attached to it after a few shots.

    Watch out, a good grill sparker of the 9$ to 20$ panel mount kind will knock you on your posterior faster then most tasers. That is why it must be built in the metal box, with the black wire tied to the case.

    However you can buy four or five new LasorBs for the cost of building this!

    2.4 KV peak means the circuit will jump a gap of about a millimeter in dry air, compared with 6-7 mm for the unclipped piezo.

    While I have used a similar circuit in the past, I have not tested this on a Lasorb.

    You will need a low leakage cap. Then mount the parts on good plastic standoffs in the box.

    Charge the circuit away from the diode. Then use the stored charge on the cap to test the LasorB
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