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Thread: Thanks for registering!

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    Default Thanks for registering!

    a new random message has materialised on the top of evey page:

    Heya there Doc:

    Thanks for registering! <err if this is the original welcome due in 08 then; about bloody time! If not; what gives homes?

    If you don't receive your registration email pretty quickly then it is very likely that the mail server ate it. Shoot me an email or PM and I'll manually update the system to get you squared away.

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    That notice is for people who have not done the email confirmation thing yet.

    I pressed the wrong button in the admin panel. All Fixed now. I accidentally set the conditional argument to show if "Registered" instead of "Awaiting Conf"

    As an aside: You should have received a "Welcome to PL!" PM when you registered. I am pretty sure that even PHPBB2 did that back in 2008. If not, I can go ahead and make a replica one for you.

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    I got the "Thanks for registering" message earlier today.
    I just assumed that The Man Behind The Curtain had pushed the wrong switch.

    But it did make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Till I realised I had pissed myself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by soforene View Post
    Till I realised I had pissed myself.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    TMI dude!


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