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Thread: X-fer rate of only ~1.5 MB/sec?

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    Default X-fer rate of only ~1.5 MB/sec?

    anyone have any idea what would cause me a xfer rate of ~1.5mb/sec from my desktop computer hardwired (cat 5) to my Belkin router's attached USB storage? (new seagate 500GB)

    i know its not going to be 500MB/sec or anything but i was expecting at least ~20-30MB/sec

    any ideas?


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    Do you have the connection settings of the network card on Auto/Auto or on 1GBps fixed ?
    Sometimes NIC and Switch/router don't communicate correctly, setting it fixed when it's on auto or the other way around helps.

    Is the Cable the same as always (in other words , did it work with same setup last week or is it a new machine/router/nic etc ?)

    Did you install any new software updates ?

    I remember on my download machine last week i had exactly 1.13MB/s (Byte that is), so 10Mb (small letter b) per second. Looked into the properties and after the last Microsoft update my NIC was set to 10Mbps instead of 1Gbps. Setting it back to Gigabit fixed it...

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    Try disabling 'Remote differential compression'

    Click Start Control Panel Programs Trun Windows features on or off

    Un check remote differential compression, re boot

    Doc's website

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