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Thread: Ahoy there!

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    Default Ahoy there!

    Hi folks.

    It's really good to be here!

    I'm into lasers and it's just a hobby of mine at the moment and maybe in time, might become a professional full time laserist. I've just got myself the latest vesion of Pangolin's QuickShow so I've got my head around QS at the moment!



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    Quote Originally Posted by biglasers View Post
    .... maybe in time, might become a professional full time laserist.
    You, me and every other member on the forum.

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    Hi Neil!

    Welcome to PhotonLexicon. You've definitely found the right place! When you get a moment, please fill in your profile information so we know where you're located. Many of the members here are willing to help new members in person on a one-on-one level, but that's hard to coordinate if we don't know where you are.

    Also, there are a few Laser Enthusiast's Meetings coming up; if one of them is close to you I strongly suggest you make the trip to attend. You'll meet other like-minded laserists, get to see (and play with) several different types of controllers and projectors, and have the chance to watch some killer laser shows. They're great for getting new folks up to speed with this hobby, plus they're a lot of fun!

    Congrats on the Pangolin Quickshow purchase. There are many Pangolin users here, so you've got plenty of people to help you with questions and suggestions. Also, there are some free shows available for download from the PL FTP server that members have created using quickshow. Send a PM to the admin for details on that.

    Finally, do you plan to build your own projector from scratch, or did you plan to purchase one pre-made? Many folks here have gone down the do-it-yourself route, with fantastic results, so if that's what you're thinking, then you're definitely in the right place.

    How about a little background on you? What got you into lasers, and what sort of gear have you accumulated so far? Also, what are you looking to do with your lasers?

    And again, welcome to PhotonLexicon!


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    welcome big lasers.

    Nice to have you here. There is plenty of info floating around for building your own projector. If you have questions about building your projector shoot me a PM.
    If you need a blue module have a look at mine. 16 available:

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    Welcome Neil!

    Recommend that you update your profile to include your location -

    As Buffo suggested, you might be close to one of the upcoming LEM's, which would be a great opportunity to get a some assistance and advice for your first projector!
    (And meet some cool, like-minded folks in the process!!)


    Metrologic HeNe 3.3mw Modulated laser, 2 Radio Shack motors, and a broken mirror.

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